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November 24, 2017
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Forced to wear high heels by your employer?

Flight attendants wearing high heel shoesA female temporary worker in England was sent home after she refused to wear high heels on the job. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces employment discrimination in the United States, states that “an employer may establish a dress code which applies to all employees or employees within certain job categories,” with exceptions made for a person’s ethnicity, religion or disability. Dress code restrictions can’t burden one gender more than the other.

This year the province of British Columbia passed a law (amendment to the Workers Compensation Act) banning mandatory high heels in the workplace. Besides discrimination, wearers of high heels are at higher risk of injury and the damage that comes from prolonged wear.

Surprisingly, many airlines prohibit female flight attendants from wearing flat shoes when walking through the airport. For example, American Airlines requires at least a half-inch heel on their commute to and from the plane. United Airlines requires at least an inch. Male flight crew, however, may wear flat shoes at all times.

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By Dr. Steven Miller
October 19, 2017
Category: Socks


The ankles of men and women have become something of an art show. Unique novelty socks with loud, attention-grabbing patterns are a way to show personality. Even former US Presidents enjoy the fashion.



Professionals insist on synthetic materials, such as CoolMax® polyester. They pull moisture away from the skin, which increases comfort and reduces the likelihood of blisters.  There's no denying the big improvement over all-cotton socks. (Remember not to change to a new sock type on a race day.)



Thermal socks containing merino wool are popular due to its natural odor-resistant properties while keeping you warm. And it doesn’t itch like traditional wool. Merino wool is always blended with other materials to improve durability and stretch. (These socks are also appropriate for individuals with cold toes.)


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September 08, 2017
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With all the news coverage of hurricanes in the Southern USA, I was surprised to see a hurrycane in my office.  See adjacent photo of this cane. 

HurrycaneThe most differentiating feature is the pivot near the tripod base. Although the cane can stand independently, it has a tendency to fall if on carpet and/or when extended for tall people. 

Tall people should also confirm that it will extend long enough. A cane should be half the height of its user. Similarly, when the user is standing erect with arm hanging down, the handle of a cane should reach the wrist. This allows for slight bend in the elbow when using a cane.

The "Freedom Edition" (shown in photo) is foldable. However, some users dislike its handle. Also, if the user steps on the base while walking, the cane can fold and collapse and its user may fall to the ground. 

It is best to use a cane on the "good side", not the side of the body that is injured or weak. 

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By Dr. Steven Miller
August 30, 2017
Category: Shoes

Yao Ming shoesAverage shoe size in the NBA is 15. This is what Lebron James wears (he is 6'8" tall).

Largest shoe size currently in the NBA is size 20.

Largest shoe size ever in the NBA was size 22 for Shaquille O'Neal (he is 7’1” tall). Compare this to Yao Ming, who was 4 inches taller yet wore shoes 4 sizes smaller (size 18).

Perhaps the most famous mismatch belongs to Michael Jordan. He wore size 13 on the right and 13.5 on the left.


By Dr. Steven Miller
July 25, 2017
Category: Shoes

What do you call the rubber-soled shoes that people wear during athletic activities?












A New York Times questionnaire revealed that most Americans call them TENNIS SHOES.

People in the Northeast USA (along with South Florida, which may be “snowbirds” from the Northeast USA) identify them as SNEAKERS.  The term sneakers comes from the ability of the wearer to "sneak" around since these rubber-soled shoes are virtually noiseless. 

Interestingly, the term GYM SHOES is popular in Chicago and Cincinnati.


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