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By Dr. Steven Miller (with diagnosis codes from the American Medical Association)
November 01, 2015
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Last month, the entire country switched to a new medical diagnosis system. There are now over 68,000 codes, and some are pretty bizarre.

  • Bitten by sea lion – W56.11XA

  • Walked into lamppost – W22.02XS
  • Burn due to water-skis on fire – V91.07XD
  • Prolonged stay in weightless environment – X52
  • Hurt at prison swimming pool – Y92.146
  • Stabbed while crocheting – Y93.D1
  • Very low level of personal hygiene - R46.0
  • Struck by a duck - W61.62XD
  • Problems in relationship with in-laws - Z63.1
  • Sucked into jet engine - V97.33XA

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