Hurrycane in office
September 08, 2017
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With all the news coverage of hurricanes in the Southern USA, I was surprised to see a hurrycane in my office.  See adjacent photo of this cane. 

HurrycaneThe most differentiating feature is the pivot near the tripod base. Although the cane can stand independently, it has a tendency to fall if on carpet and/or when extended for tall people. 

Tall people should also confirm that it will extend long enough. A cane should be half the height of its user. Similarly, when the user is standing erect with arm hanging down, the handle of a cane should reach the wrist. This allows for slight bend in the elbow when using a cane.

The "Freedom Edition" (shown in photo) is foldable. However, some users dislike its handle. Also, if the user steps on the base while walking, the cane can fold and collapse and its user may fall to the ground. 

It is best to use a cane on the "good side", not the side of the body that is injured or weak. 

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