Smashing your own cyst
By Dr. Steven Miller
June 30, 2016
Category: Swelling
Tags: ganglion   cyst   pain   bible  

New bump on your foot?

If it is a ganglion cyst, it is not cancerous.  The cyst is composed of a sac that contains a clear, jelly-like substance.

This bulge usually develops from a joint or tendon.  It can cause pain if it presses the surrounding structures.

It used to be called a "bible cyst" since smashing it with a bible or another large book can flatten it. This is not recommended.  You can hurt yourself and the cyst often returns in a short time.

A podiatrist can puncture the cyst with a needle and withdraw the fluid to be analyzed to make sure no cancer cells are found.  Surgery is often needed to remove the entire cyst.

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