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By Dr. Miller
May 18, 2012
Category: Summer fun
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Summer is synonymous with warm weather and outdoor parties. When you get together with for a picnic or barbeque, remember to drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated helps prevent gout.

For those unfamiliar with gout, it is one of the oldest recorded forms of inflamed joints. What used to be considered a disease of limited scope, it now affects men and women across the world. Consuming large amounts of protein-rich foods commonly enjoyed at summertime festivities together with dehydration can precipitate a gout attack.

For many people, the first symptom is a ‘gout attack’ – excruciating pain and swelling in a joint in the foot. If this occurs, treatment will likely involve anti-inflammatory medications. For long-term control, other medications help reduce uric acid levels in the bloodstream and prevent future attacks.

Keep hydrated, so you can have fun all summer long --- pain free!