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By Dr. Steven Miller
December 04, 2016
Category: Shoes
Tags: Nike   HyperAdapt   Mag   self-lacing  

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0Back to the Future: Part II inspired the idea of self-lacing shoes. Twenty-seven years later Nike finally made it a reality.

Two months ago Nike held an online raffle for the newest version of the Mag, a replica from the 1989 film. The proceeds of this drawing went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fight Parkinson's disease. 

A different version, called HyperAdapt 1.0, is now available to the public at select locations and via the Nike+ App for $720.

Each shoe has a sensor, battery, motor, and cable system that adjusts fit based on an algorithmic pressure equation. When a foot is inserted, the shoe tightens automatically. A wearer can further adjust the tightness with the push of a button, and this can be programmed into the memory.

These futuristic shoes have to be charged, which can take up to three hours and can last for weeks. LED lights indicate when the battery is low.