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By Dr. Steven Miller
October 17, 2018
Category: Shoes

Hole in shoeWhen Prince Harry attended a friend's wedding on his wife’s birthday, he was photographed with a hole on the bottom of his left shoe. He was previously photographed wearing the same “holy shoe” at a memorial service in April.

Leather sole shoes, like Prince Harry’s, are poor shock absorbers, can be slippery, and are more easily damaged when wet. 

Currently most shoes have rubber soles. They need a minimal break-in period to feel comfortable and are quieter.

Holes in other parts of shoes are increasingly more common. Two frequent areas for holes in running shoes are by the great toe and in lining surrounding the heel.

American country music singer Merle Haggard encapsulated public persona in his song Skid Row:
"Got a great big hole in the bottom of my shoe...
Well people walk by and they stop and stare
They giggle and they stickle at the clothes I wear"

Prince Harry should contact a cobbler to have the leather sole of his shoes replaced. Or just buy a new pair of shoes.

If you have questions about your footwear (regardless of whether you live at Kensington Palace), please call our office at (847) 675-3400.