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By Dr. Steven Miller
June 21, 2013
Category: Shoes
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This weekend the parking lot adjacent to my office is reserved for the PGA's Champions Tour. This event, held at North Shore Country Club in Glenview, will feature about 80 professional golfers and will be televised on The Golf Channel.

Golf shoes are important to the success of your game, especially when you consider that the average golfer walks about 4 miles during a round and spends about 4 hours on his feet. Here are some important guidelines for choosing golf shoes that fit properly:

Measure the length and width of each foot. If one foot is slightly larger, choose the size that fits the larger foot. If there is a large discrepancy, you may need two different sized shoes.

When you try new golf shoes, wear the kind of socks that you intend to wear with your shoes.

Golf shoes feel more sung in the middle portion of the foot than other shoes. This area offers the most support while swinging.

Be sure that you have one-half inch of space from the end of your longest toe to the tip of the shoe. Shoes should also comfortable enough so that you can focus on your swing and not on your feet.

Spikes on the bottom help keep a grip in the turf when swinging the club. Metal spikes have been banned on many golf courses. Replaceable spikes allow you to just replace damaged spikes rather than purchasing a new pair of shoes.

Lighter shoes will make your legs less tired at the end of the day.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, your golf shoe should balance and stabilize your body to hopefully get the coveted hole-in-one. If you need more detailed information or an evaluation of your feet, please contact Dr. Miller by calling (847) 675-3400 or via this website.