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By Dr. Steven Miller
January 30, 2017
Category: Shoes
Tags: running   pain   Rocker   sole  

Forefoot rockerInstead of a flat sole, rocker bottom shoes are curved and have been shown to substantially relieve pain associated with a variety of foot problems.

The most common design, which is incorporated in many running shoes, is a forefoot rocker.  By reducing the motion in a painful toe joint, metatarsalgia and hallux rigidus pain can be eliminated.
Heel-to-toe rocker
For a painful heel or arch, a full heel-to-toe rocker may be needed. Examples include MBT, Ryn, Skechers Shape-ups 2.0, and Abeo ROCS.

If you need assistance with choosing the correct shoes for your feet, schedule an appointment by calling (847) 675-3400 or go to

By Dr. Steven Miller
June 30, 2016
Category: Swelling
Tags: ganglion   cyst   pain   bible  

New bump on your foot?

If it is a ganglion cyst, it is not cancerous.  The cyst is composed of a sac that contains a clear, jelly-like substance.

This bulge usually develops from a joint or tendon.  It can cause pain if it presses the surrounding structures.

It used to be called a "bible cyst" since smashing it with a bible or another large book can flatten it. This is not recommended.  You can hurt yourself and the cyst often returns in a short time.

A podiatrist can puncture the cyst with a needle and withdraw the fluid to be analyzed to make sure no cancer cells are found.  Surgery is often needed to remove the entire cyst.

If you have a lump, have it examined soon. You can schedule an appointment today by calling (847) 675-3400 or clicking:


By Dr. Steven Miller
October 11, 2015
Category: Skin
Tags: pain   corn   pad  

Examples of corn on footAccording to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, harvest season for corn in Illinois is in October. About 10 million acres of corn are harvested annually from the "Prairie State".

The corns in our office are different. And they are harvested the entire year.

Corns are thickened areas of skin that develop in response to excessive pressure and friction.  A corn can be a symptom of an underlying problem such as ill-fitting footwear or an excessively prominent bone.  Typically hard and circular, corns can be quite painful.

Be cautious about using over-the-counter "medicated corn pads" as they usually contain an acid that can damage the healthy surrounding skin if used incorrectly. Never attempt to cut or scrape away a corn on your own as this can lead to infection.

The thickened skin can usually be scraped off during the same appointment. The procedure is painless because the skin is already dead. X-ray evaluation, injection or surgery may be necessary in cases that do not respond to conservative treatment.

If you are suffering from a painful corn, get relief by scheduling an appointment today. Call (847) 675-3400 or go to

December 02, 2014
Category: Pregnancy
Tags: pain   shoe   pregnant   swelling  

Many women report that their shoe size grew as a result of pregnancy. This increase in foot size and arch drop has been confirmed in medical studies and is most noticeable during the mother’s first pregnancy. It has also been shown to persist even after childbirth. Theories for this phenomenon revolve around the extra weight of pregnancy and a hormone (relaxin) which may loosen ligaments in the feet.

If you (or your loved one) are pregnant and suffering with sore feet or ankles, consult Dr. Miller to regain comfort and minimize long-term complications. This may include specialized insoles to redistribute pressure and stockings to control swelling.

By Skokie Foot & Ankle Specialists, Ltd.
October 03, 2014
Category: Pain
Tags: pain   heel   child   fasciitis  

Heel painThe most common form of heel pain experienced by adults is plantar fasciitis, often referred to as heel spur syndrome.  This is due to inflammation of the plantar fascia that is attached to the heel bone.  This pain is often intense when getting out of bed or after a long period of sitting.

Heel pain in children is usually not related to the plantar fascia.  Calcaneal apophysitis, also known as Sever’s disease, is a common cause of pediatric heel pain.  This is an inflammation within the heel bone growth plate, worse with activity.

For both adults and children, the best way to determine the cause of one’s heel pain is an examination and x-rays.(X-rays can be done in our office.) This will help distinguish it from other causes such as a stress fracture and insertional Achilles tendonitis. Treatment may require inserts, change in footwear, and anti-inflammatory medication.

Dr. Steven Miller treats both adults and children at his easy-to-reach office in Skokie, next to Old Orchard Shopping Mall and Edens Expressway.  If you or a family member are suffering with heel pain, you can schedule an evaluation by calling (847) 675-3400 or by clicking here.