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By Dr. Steven Miller
January 03, 2021
Category: Education

Foot bathCleaning procedure for whirlpool pedicure foot spas, self-contained foot basins, sinks and pedicure bowls are in the Illinois Administrative Code (Title 68, Section 1175.115c). It states that after each use:

  •  Drain all water from the foot spa, pedicure basin or bowl;

  •  Clean the interior surfaces and walls of the foot spas or basin with soap or detergent to remove all visible debris; rinse with clean, clear water;

  •  Disinfect by spraying the interior surface of the foot basin or bowl with either an EPA-registered disinfectant (demonstrated bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity used according to manufacturer's instructions) or 10% bleach solution; and

  •  Wipe dry.

Additional cleaning steps are required at the end of every day. Once a week, bleach solution (or the equivalent) must sit in the spa or pedicure basin overnight (at least 6-10 hours).  The log for the last 90 days shall be readily accessible and available upon client request.  

The introduction of this regulation states that these procedures were developed by the International Nail Technicians Association. The International Nail Technicians Association and America's Beauty Show® (formerly the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show) are owned by Cosmetologists Chicago® (Chicago Cosmetologists Association, Inc). Document explaining their recommendations can be found here.

California (which had an outbreak), Mississippi, and many other states have similar laws. Texas has videos on recommended cleaning procedure. Washington has a sample log for salons. Virginia recommends not shaving or waxing legs within 24 hours beforehand since nicks, cuts, and abrasions increase the risk of infection.

EPA-registered disinfectants should have an EPA registration number on the label and state that the product is for hospital or medical use.