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By Dr. Steven Miller
December 13, 2020
Category: Orthotics

Arch support orthoticAs the new NBA season excitement builds, star players with plantar fasciitis may be watching tip-off courtside. Most individuals with heel pain from plantar fasciitis benefit from these five treatments:

  • Rest and apply ice to the painful heel

  • Stretch and strengthening exercises

  • Shoes with a stiff supportive sole, even indoors

  • Arch supports (see below)

  • Anti-inflammatory medication, either orally or by injection

Supporting the arch to alleviate tension of the plantar fascia is most commonly achieved with a molded insert in the shoe, either a custom-made foot orthotic or the less expensive mass-produced version. Each unique combination of materials and shape will feel and function differently.

Elastic bands and compression socks and sleeves have also been tried, with less reliable results. Additional treatments like a night splint and surgery are added if needed.

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