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By Dr. Miller
September 08, 2013
Category: Skin
Tags: sock   athlete's foot   fungus   wash  

 Athlete's foot under toesATHLETE'S FOOT is a common fungal infection of the skin that can cause peeling and itching.

Does laundering clothes eliminate the fungus?

Researches tested socks worn by patients suffering from athlete’s foot after the socks were washed in either warm or hot water (104° and 140°F, respectively). The results, published in the International Journal of Dermatology, demonstrated that:

  • Dermatophytes, the most common cause of athlete’s foot, were eradicated in hot water but not warm water.
  • Yeasts, a less common cause of athlete’s foot, were eradicated even when using warm water.
  • Some Aspergillus survived even in hot water.

In summary, laundering at lower temperatures is NOT as effective in eradicating fungal pathogens. You can check the water temperature with a cooking thermometer.

The effect of dryer temperature remains unanswered, as the socks tested were dried at room temperature.


By Dr. Miller
November 05, 2012
Category: Skin
Tags: Sweat   odor   sock  

Excessive sweating isn't just a summer issue. Perspiration is a year-round fact of life, and for some people it can be a real problem, especially with winter boots. Here are tips to prevent sweaty feet:

Dry your feet thoroughly after bathing.

Wear socks made from fabrics that are engineered to draw moisture away from the skin, such as Coolmax.

Use foot powder or a topical antiperspirant.

Change your socks at least once times per day.

Rotate your shoes and allow them to dry out between uses.

Feet that sweat excessively can lead to additional problems like foul odor, burning sensation, and athlete’s foot. If sweaty feet is plaguing you, call us for an appointment at (847) 675-3400.