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By Dr. Steven Miller
December 02, 2018
Category: Swelling

Standing deskYou'd better taking this news sitting down: Standing desks are not as beneficial to health as some thought.

Workers have hoped standing would lead to weight loss, better heart health and better productivity because they are more alert.

Studies, however, contradict that expectation and suggest only a slightly higher calorie burn rate for standing. Standing for too long also compresses the spine and can cause swelling of the ankles, which can lead to varicose veins and greater strain on the heart.

If you use a standing desk, please adhere to the following advice:
  -  Set the desk at the correct height (read the instruction manual)
  -  When you stand, don’t stand still 
  -  Use an anti-fatigue mat 
  -  Don’t stand for too long, and gradually build up your endurance

Compared to using a standing desk, walking during the day is likely to provide greater benefits with less risk.

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