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By Dr. Steven Miller
July 26, 2013
Category: Education
Tags: technology   ACA   APMA  

Use of technology, including electronic medical records and digital radiographs, enhances our ability to deliver health care services efficiently in accordance with the goals outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This was one of the topics of discussion at a seminar I attended earlier this week sponsored by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and its affiliates.

By Dr. Steven Miller
October 26, 2012
Category: Physical Exam
Tags: physical   exam   ligament   technology  

I was asked to offer a second opinion for a teenage girl who suffered a sports injury weeks ago. She came with an MRI report reporting a bone contusion with no injury to the ligaments. After my exam, I explained to the patient's father that I think she did suffer ligament damage. I requested a second opinion of the MRI images, and my suspicion of was confirmed.

As reported in the New York Times, Stanford University developed a curriculum emphasizing the art of physical examination. In our situation, the physical exam (not technology) led to the accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

I have never heard anyone protest when I state "this visit will take an extra few minutes because I need to check everything". I thank my mentors for inculcating in me the value of hands-on medicine.