Who Needs Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are designed to support your unique foot structure. By aligning your bones, joints and muscles into a more optimal position, orthotics can alleviate pain and problems in your feet and ankles and up the entire skeleton (knees, hips and back).

You may benefit from our foot orthotics if you have any of the following problems:

●  Ankle Sprain

●  Arch Pain

●  Arthritis

●  Bunion

●  Capsulitis

●  Corns or Calluses

●  Diabetes

●  Difficulty Walking

●  Excessive Pronation or Supination

●  Flat feet

●  Foot Sprain or Strain

●  Hammertoe

●  Heel Pain

●  Heel Spur

●  High-arched Foot

●  In-toeing

●  Ligament Pain

●  Limping

●  Metatarsalgia

●  Neuroma

●  Neuropathy 

●  Out-toeing

●  Plantar Fasciitis

●  Shin Splints

●  Sports Injury

●  Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

●  Tendon Tears

●  Tendonitis 

●  Weak Ankle

If you have any of the problems listed above, make an appointment with Dr. Steven Miller to discover if you will benefit and feel better with custom-made foot orthotics.