Athletes Foot

Athlete's foot

Also known as tinea pedis, this fungal infection of the skin is contagious. It can spread to other parts of the body and be transmitted to other people.

The fungus thrives on the foot because it prefers areas that are warm and moist. Wearing well-ventilated shoes and moisture-wicking socks help keep the feet dry. Be sure to dry well between your toes.

Shower shoes in public locker rooms can help prevent the spread of this infection. Even the way socks are laundered is important.

Examine your feet. Seek medical attention if you see excessively dry or flaky skin, blisters, or a break in the skin.

These unsightly conditions can itch and become painful. When caught early, fungus may clear up with over-the-counter or prescription topical medication. An oral antifungal medication may be needed if widespread. Left untreated, it can cause a more serious bacterial infection.

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