Plantar fibromatosis
By Skokie Foot & Ankle
May 22, 2018
Category: Tumor

PLANTAR FIBROMATOSIS is a disease in which nodules form in the bottom of the foot.

Here are six things to know.

1.  It was first described by Georg Ledderhose in 1897, and is therefore referred to as Ledderhose disease.

2.  The exact cause for fibrous nodules (thickening) forming along the plantar fascia ligament is unknown.

3.  Nodules can occur in one or both feet.

4.  Walking can be painful when these slow-growing lumps increase in size.

5.  Biopsy is used to confirm that these are not cancerous growths. 

6.  If pads and inserts do not provide sufficient relief, procedures such as intralesional injections, surgical excision, or radiation (radiotherapy) should be considered.

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