Broken Bone

Broken bone (fracture) in the foot and ankle

Six things you need to know:

• There are over two dozen bones in each foot, supported by ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

• Bones in the foot can be broken in many different ways. The cause may not be obvious, such as in a stress fracture.

• X-rays (available in our office) is the first step for diagnosis. MRI, bone scan, or computerized tomography (CT scan) may be needed to help visualize the injury.

• Treatment of foot fractures depend upon which bone is broken. While many fractures can be treated with a stiff-soled shoe or walking boot, some require crutches or surgery.

• Healing time depends on what bone is broken, the mechanism of injury, and the health of the patient.

• Ignoring even small fractures can lead to complications such as non-union or arthritis.

If you suspect or know that you have a broken bone, please call right away. Notify the receptionist about your situation so we can accommodate you promply. We can be reached at (847) 675-3400 .

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