Neuroma Neuroma

The most common nerve compression in the foot is called Morton's neuroma. It is a thickening of the tissue around the nerve in the ball of your foot.

Sharp pain in the ball of the foot may radiate into the toes. Your toes also may feel numb. The pain generally intensifies with activity, tight shoes and high heel shoes. (Some companies require employees to wear high heel shoes.)

Capsulitis, metatarsalgia, and stress fractures can be confused with neuroma. A thorough exam and sometimes MRI or ultrasound are needed for an accurate diagnosis.

Initial therapies are nonsurgical and relatively simple:
 ◦ Change footwear to alleviate pressure on the nerve.
 ◦ Use customized shoe inserts to reduce pressure on the nerve.
 ◦ Cortisone injection to reduce swelling and inflammation around the nerve.

If conservative treatments do not relieve symptoms, surgery may be needed.